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Bachmanns ezdcc mrcs long discontinued command 2000 and prodigy. Dcc differs from analog control in that dcc applies full voltage to the track at all times and controls the. Install adobe acrobat reader before download files. Features directly replaces most atlas n scale loco pc boards two synchronized diesel prime mover sounds u23b b23 7 with randomly associated locomotive sounds. Using digitrax systems to program an mrc ad310 decoder is especially confusing because the mrc command 2000 uses several switches and levers rather than standard cv numbers. The diesel version comes preloaded with 6 prime movers and various horns and bells. All decoder installations include the following steps. Available with 30va of power, pack can run ho, n, g and other dc trains. Mrc 1628 dcc 4output stationary accessory decoder switch. Mrc command 2000 user manual model railroader magazine. The device looks nearly identical to an mrc prodigy advance dcc throttle. During that time semiconductor technology has produced devices with much greater density and speed.

They are actually scans of the manual and are broken up by pages. The mrc stationary accessory decoder comes with 4 pairs of outputs. Command 2000 will erihance your enjoyment of your train layout for many. Mrc model railroad and train power and controls for sale ebay. This is an mrc ad320 g scale digital command control accessories decoder. The broadway, atlas, and lifelike equipped with qsi id 1 dcc sound engines use a different reset procedure. This has allowed more functions to be put into smaller packages. It has a rather full set of functions that could easily be repurposed for a number of other projects. After each one was plugged in, the locomotive operated on address 03. The an12a0 is a plug and play dcc decoder designed to fit a number of atlas n. However, mrc s command 2000 and the mrc prodigy do. Mrc tech info products american hobby distributors. Any nmracompliant dcc command station can be used to program the an12a0 decoder.

Is there a universal dcc decoder that i could get to use on my nce power cab. I have several older locomotives with mrc decoders from an old command 2000 that i no longer have. Programming ez command dcc track turnouts by soulwinner4jesus. Mrc s revolutionary full function, dual mode nscale sound decoder gives katos p42 genesis locomotive all 28 nmra functions. Mrc ad320 g digital command control accessories decoder. Basically all i need is synchronized exhaust and maybe a bell i already have a seperate hornwhistle. An12a0 fourfunction dcc decoder for atlas n scale locomotives. This went on the cantwell and chenoa railway that i had built during the 80s and 90s. Be sure to visit our store,streamlined backshop services, where you can purchase many great items like dcc decoders and command stations, dcc installation parts, locomotives and rolling stock, readytorun sound cars, and our exclusive customengineered truck pickups. This one piece sound decoder speaker combination replaces katos factory installed printed circuit board, by simply removing the loco body, unclipping the factory unit, and dropping in the decoder. If there is no wand then open the engine or access hatch and find the reset jumper. Its a good idea to test digital command control decoders before investing the time in an installation. When i connect the supply to the command 2000 and measure the output current without the system being attched to the track i. Download a version of jmri, either the latest production version, or a test version.

This decoder is equipped with a wire harness that has an n. Dcc is a standard so you do not have to use just mrc decoders with the mrc unit. Each decoder receives dcc commands but only follows those commands matching its address. All i had to do was plug them into the pc board on the train. If the locomotive has it builtin command control socket the motor is. Dcc decoder and sound installations tonys train exchange.

Mrc control description digital mrc 2000 control command. Mrc n scale dropin sound decoder for intermountain fp7. Mrc 1820 ho digital command control decoder with sound fits athearn alco rs3. Dcc differs from analog control in that dcc applies full. It seems like a nice fit and the locomotive is set up to accept an eight pin plug. No more multiple blocks and no more multiple power. Nov 22, 2009 best to program them with the mrc as directed. A conversion chart for the 10 possible mrc engine addresses would be a wonderful help to us oldtimers. Master list of decoder resets by manufacturer welcome to. Shop online for 38 mrc dcc decoders model railroad electrical accessories at discounts up to 37%. A dcc system consists of a dcc command station that sends dcc commands to your layout and dcc decoders installed in your locos that receive the dcc commands. Ammeters and voltmeter let you monitor loco operation and identify problems before damage occurs. Apr 22, 2018 programming ez command dcc track turnouts by soulwinner4jesus.

Mrc command 2000 wpower mrc using advanced microprocessor technology, the command 2000 increases the realism, control, and satisfaction of model railroading like no other introduction in the past 50 years. The mrc decoders were not the high level of quality that one expects from mrc power packs. Digital command control dcc is the standard adopted by the national model railroad association nmra in 19941 to allow compatible operation of all engines and command stations regardless of manufacturer. Nmra dcc reference manual for qsi quantum equipped locomotives. I have used three ad315 decoders so far with the same result. Latter generic kastayalive products were introduced by tcs as a direct response to solving power problems with sound decoders. Can a soundtraxx decoder be used with the mrc command 2000 system even though the mrc system doesnt have all the function controls. This will install jmri to the default location, place shortcuts for decoderpro and panelpro on the. Mrc dcc decoders model railroad electrical accessories. For same same price of an mrc system, you can get a good nce starter set. First, mrc offers the sounder series of decoders in both steam and diesel configurations.

The steam decoder has 8 steam locomotives in both articulated and nonarticulated configurations and. Find great deals on ebay for mrc decoder and mrc sound decoder. Download our free software for windows and control your dcc railroad from. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. I am trying to use an mrc ad315 decoder in a proto 2000 e9 a nonsound unit. One thread hello i would like some advice please on my command 2000 system. Connect your computer to your command station hardware. View and download mrc 0001628 quick start manual online. Mrc 1811 dcc sound decoder drop in n scale atlas u23b b23 7 new mrc n scale drop in dual mode dcc dc sound decoder with u23b b23 7 diesel locomotive sounds. How to allow decoder equipped locos to run analog track programming. The two wire, small, non decode specific, low cost product that was in stock at time of introduction made it a instant hit that all of the other dcc manufactures quickly copied in one form or another. Mrc 4 output accessory dcc decoder model railroad electrical.

Ho gauge dcdcc steam sound decoder with 24 different. Hello, i am looking for some advice and i am hoping someone can help me. The notes below may be of benefit to owners who wish to understand or repurpose hack the decoder. Since the first release of mrc sound decoders, many new series of decoder have been released. Yes, sprog supports cv programming and readback for mrc decoders. Mrc model railroad digital control devices for sale ebay. Great deals on mrc model railroad and train decoders. Unfortunately, they have not caught up to the level of sound decoder performance that mrc competators have offered from the start.

How to hardwire a dcc decoder into a bb kit sw1500 part 3 by iantha. This decoder is an nmra compatible accessory decoder. You must use mrc prodigy advance or other dcc systems that support cv programming and have accessory decoder function capability. Email decoder settings to friends around the world so they can download. If i disconnect the mrc system and reconnect my old 12v 2amp supply as normal dc operation the trains run fine. Mrc model railroad and train decoders for sale ebay.

If the command 2000 does not function properly, do not spend a dime on repairing it, get a modern, properly expandable system. Train controls, dcc decoders, digital command control. The mission of the media research center is to create a media culture in federal employees and military personnel can donate to the media research center through i misplaced my user manual for my mrc command 2000 dcc control system and the separate manual for the walk around throttle as well. About 14 years ago i bought an mrc command 2000 with the walkaround throttle and i still use it. Advanced proportional tracking control, momentum circuitry and braking and acceleration control make you feel like youre running a real locomotive. Dcc hobby supply, dcc, digitrax, tcs, nce, soundtraxx, qsi, decoders, zephyr, super chief, blackstone models, bli blueline. Each mrc release of a new sound decoder series is an improvement in catching up.

Open a decoderpro command monitor from the sprog menu, log to a file. Using digitrax systems to program an mrc ad310 decoder is especially confusing because the mrc command 2000 uses. Users of mrc dcc prodigy advance, prodigy advance2, prodigy wireless and. Glossary of model railroading terms used in our dcc section. Mrcs revolutionary full function, dual mode nscale sound decoder gives katos p42 genesis locomotive all 28 nmra functions. Covered by a fiveyear warranty, comes with throttle master control knob. I started out in dcc with one of those mrc 2000 units. The command 2000 can only deal with a certain set of channels in certain combinations. In the june 2012 model railroader managing editor david popp describes how to install a model rectifier corp. However, mrc s command 2000 and the mrc prodigy do not support nmra accessory decoder protocol. That was supposed to be a lifetime layout, then marriage happened at 39 years old. Nmra dcc reference manual for qsi quantum equipped. Mrc dcc sound decoders for kato n scale f7 diesels.

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