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Printed books are a nontaxable commodity primarily to make education affordable. It is properly written as one word with an interior capital letter, fairtax, as on this book s cover. Saying goodbye to the income tax and the irs kindle edition by boortz, neal, linder, john. Get access to special products, invitationonly sales, and reading events. In sum, the irs defines fair market value when applied to used as what a book is worth on the open market or the price that a buyer and seller agree is fair. It is a nonpartisan 501c4 grassroots organization solely dedicated to replacing the current income tax code with a national retaillevel consumption tax. I am an avid supporter of this grass roots movement to completely overhaul our tax. And eliminate all the fraud, hassle, and waste of our current system. Fun, interactive showcase filled with insider best practices. A secure, cashfree way to shop the fair with yearround shopping online. We also take the 50% book profit as well i am not sure but have been asked the question as to why we charge tax at the book. I am still not convinced on the merits of the fair tax, but this book is not worth reading if you are trying to form an informed opinion. Whether local, regional or nichebased, these literary events celebrate and showcase books from every perspective and offer authors critical opportunities to promote their books to a circle of readers most likely to engage with them. Obviously, the book captivated the american public with its simple and irresistible premise.

Book fairs and festivals are great for writers and readers. I generally round off the prices of my books for festivals. Book fairs and festivals are communitycentered events that bring books and authors and the publishing world to the reading public. The fair tax book neal boortz ebook harpercollins publishers. The fair tax book neal boortz and john linder ebook. For now, there is an uneven taxation policy on the different forms in which books are made available. Scholastic books faces state tax overreaching introduction for decades, american schoolchildren have purchased books and other educational materials from scholastic book club, inc. The fairtax book is a quick read i read the whole thing in a single day, most of it in one sitting. Americas numberone alltime bestselling tax guide, with 2,500 moneysaving tips j.

Yes, it is a book about a tax bill, and yes it is captivating. Frank chodorov, one of americas past champions of liberty, once observed that, by enacting the income tax, the american government was. How to donate books for tax deductions finance zacks. Tomorrow on hoist the black flag over at rightalk well have radio host, columnist, and author of the fairtax book and the terrible truth about liberals neal boortz.

How to determine the fair market value of used book. Determining the fair market value of used books for the purpose of charitable donations is tricky because there is no formula that can be applied or definitive source on the subject. Here youll find current best sellers in books, new releases in books, deals in books, kindle ebooks, audible audiobooks, and so much more. Our school is having their annual book fair this week. I first heard about the fairtax several years ago, and every so often i spend some time perusing their website for information.

Like our current income tax plan was designed by politicians. You will have a wide selection of books to choose from when you visit the bookhouse. Harper collins, mar 17, 2009 political science 224 pages. As you can see, by combing the 25% credit on your book fair and receiving 20 to 25% discount on your selected books, you are actually earning 4550% on your book fair when you take your credit in books. The fair tax book explains this revolutionary plan in plain english and does something even more amazing. To donate 10 boxes or more, call the book fair message center at 314 9931995. The host of radios the neal boortz show, syndicated in nearly two hundred national markets, neal boortz is the author with congressman john linder of the new york times bestsellers the fairtax book and fairtax. We just ended our book fair and she is telling us we have to charge our parents tax on their purchases. The pro fair tax book was educated, had a ton of information and statistics in it. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the. The fairtax book, by neil bortz and jon lender new. The fairtax is the preferred tax simplification plan for hardcore conservatives, and for many in the tea. Featuring over 250 literary stars and emerging authors, the brooklyn book festival features booths, authors, and signings, and panel discussions and this hip, smart, diverse gathering attracts thousands of book lovers of all ages. The brooklyn book festival is the largest free literary event in new york city, the center of us book publishing.

The books homepage helps you explore earths biggest bookstore without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. This is a follow up book to the fair tax book that answers questions posed by opponents of the bill. If you sell your book at a different new york fair thats four days long, youre obligated to collect and remit sales taxes on the. Our family owned and operated company is dedicated to your satisfaction. The fair tax book the fair tax book audiobook, by neal boortz. His book on taxation proposed eliminating the incoming tax, removing the irs, and imposing a retail sales tax. While virtually all book festivals will have food and drinks for sale, you might want to. It is our passion to provide you the best products at the best prices. As you read this depressing though brief history of the income tax in america and the chapter on withholding that follows. We have been providing school book fairs and literacy programs for nearly 25 years. Complete summary of neal boortz and john linders book. The best books and stories brought to life with unforgettable characters.

Those not intheknow also describe the fairtax as a 23% sales tax, the us equivalent of the vat common in europe. Eliminate billions of dollars in embedded taxes we dont even know were paying. As boortz and linder reveal in this first book on the fairtax, this radical but eminently sensible plan would end the annual national nightmare of filing income tax. The book was published as a companion to the fair tax act of 2005, which was a bill in the 109th united states congress for changing tax laws to replace the internal revenue service irs and all federal income taxes including amt, payroll taxes including social security and medicare taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, and estate taxes with a national retail sales tax. When a follett book fair isnt the right fit, weve created an online fair for small or remote schools. As with all tax matters, keeping accurate tax records is a must, so be sure to ask the library for an itemized receipt for the books so you have written documentation regarding the fair market value of the donation for your tax records. Make americas tax code truly voluntary, without reducing revenue. The fairtax book is a nonfiction book by libertarian radio talk show host neal boortz and congressman john linder, published on august 2, 2005, as a tool to. We pride ourselves on our customizable, turnkey services. However, if you donate the antique books to a museum that puts them on display, you can deduct the fair market value. Our publications provide fast answers to tax questions for tax practitioners.

In the face of the outlandish american tax burden, talkradio firebrand. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the fair tax book. But there is a lot of information crammed in there. Get details on your fair dates, ewallet, online shopping, volunteer opportunities, and more. Of course if you are in search of a socialist utopia, the fair tax is not what you seek. However, courts in two states connecticut and tennessee have ruled this year that scholastic owes back. Saying goodbye to the income tax and the irs neal boortz on. Replace todays indecipherable tax code with one simple sales tax. Boortz, via videoconference, talked from atlanta about the fairtax book. It will definitely fail in karl marxs goals of punishing achievement and discouraging personal savings. His book on taxation proposed eliminating the incoming tax, read. Scholastic books faces state tax overreaching tax foundation.

A book fair representative will call you back within 48 hours to schedule a pickup. Meeting our customers individual needs is a top priority and sets us apart from our competitors. Let a book fair expert support you every step of the way. Lassers your income tax 2017 puts americas most trusted tax advice to work to help you with your 2016 tax return. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

The fairtax book saying goodbye to the income tax and the irs. From timeless classics to the hottest new releases, follett book fairs has something for every reader. The despised federal income tax system needs to be shut down and america finally has a plan to do the fairtax book. Prek k grades 1 2 grades 3 4 grades 5 6 grades 7 8 professional. In fact, we hope you start to wonder how you went through tax season without them. However, if your school is allowed to process select sales as tax exempt, you will have the opportunity to declare this on your first tax exempt transaction. Receipts to keep generally, you need a receipt from the charity to document. The fair tax book audiobook abridged listen instantly. Earn cash for your school or get double the profit with scholastic dollars.

Please dont believe all the bs that people are spouting about the fair tax. Your schools book fair has been set up with the state required sales tax percent and cannot be changed to zero. Earn cash for the school or get double the profit with scholastic dollars. In 2005, firebrand radio talk show host neal boortz and georgia congressman john linder created the fairtax book, presenting the american public with a. Sales tax facts for book authors the balance careers. They have a section called classroom wish list where you can purchase books for your childs class room. Those not intheknow will write fair tax and assume that it means a fair tax system or a fairer tax system. Protect lowerincome americans by covering the tax on basic necessities. There are, however, some general guidelines that can be looked to when trying to determine the value of used books, such as how fair. Unfortunately, the benefits of input tax credit can only be gained if the book is taxed. This anti fair tax book was full of rumors, cheap selling points, and no real basis for disagreement. Consider the type of book being donated when deciding on the fair market value. Following are blog references to the fairtax book, by neil bortz and jon lender.

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