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The legendary brasher doubloon will lead a display of eight significant american rarities jan. The brasher doubloon which was featured in the plot of the. Find the editorial stock photo of florence bates nancy guild george montgomery, and more photos in the shutterstock collection of editorial photography. Rare doubloon wows collectors at national money show. Brasher doubloon 1947 george montgomery nancy guild.

The 1787 brasher doubloon is one of the most important and historic of all american coins, and this past week it made headlines when it. It sold in a private treaty transaction in early 2018 to an anonymous buyer. Rare electrotype copy of brasher doubloon featured in. The brasher doubloon is a philip marlowe programmer with the famous detective out to find what appears to be a stolen coin. The legendary brasher doubloon 1947 turner classic movies. Cac brasher doubloon, americas first gold coin, sells for. He scored backtoback alevel classics with the lodger 1944 and hangover square 1945, which shouldve elevated him to a higher level. Among the great rarities of american numismatics, the 1787 new york brasher doubloon is in a class of its own.

I learned the other day that don had scored another bonanza in the rare coins business. Americas first gold coin, the 1787 brasher doublon, has been owned by an elite group of custodians the likes of the dupont family, yale university, colonel green, john work garrett, and virgil brand and own the finest known specimen of americas most famous numismatic treasure. Actually, the brasher doubloon is a lot more interesting for its talent lineup than its own substance. The 1787 brasher doubloon, the first gold coin specifically made for circulation in the united states, is now known from only seven examples. Elizabeth bright murdock hires marlowe to find an old rare coin. In 1787, ephraim brasher, a goldsmith and silversmith, submitted a petition to the state of new york to mint copper coins. The term was first used to describe the golden excelente either because of its value of two ducats or because of the double portrait of ferdinand and isabella. The brasher doubloon 1947 full movie download full hd.

George montgomery, nancy guild, conrad janis language. Usa brasher doubloon breast replica 1787 imitations. Marlowe begins investigating, but quickly finds himself entangled in a series of. Marlowe tracks a rare colonial coin called the brasher doubloon, finds a corpse, clears an innocent suspect, andever the knight in tarnished armorrescues. Does anyone know the population numbers for this gold novodel that was first issued at the 2014 ana chicago show. Marlowe tracks a rare colonial coin called the brasher doubloon, finds a corpse, clears an innocent suspect, andever the knight in tarnished armor rescues. There were 500 minted then and ive heard as many as 2,000 total as of 2018. Sealed box of 5x 2020 silver proof sets at cost for sale.

The term doubloon from spanish dobln, meaning double refers to a sevengram 0. The brasher doubloon is a 1947 crime film noir directed by john brahm and based on the. Marlowes involvement has him encounter a girl who goes into hysterics when touched by a man. The 1787 new york brasher doubloon is in a class of its own, and has been acknowledged as the most important and valuable coin in the world by such luminaries as henry. The petition was denied when new york decided not to get into the business of minting copper coinage.

The brasher doubloon 1947 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The brasher doubloon is a rare american coin, privately minted in and after 1787. Murdock insists that her sons wife has stolen the coin. It also has no copy mark and seems as if the coin was hand pounded. The brasher doubloon 1947 the brasher doubloon 1947. Indexing process is completely automated we do not check it. Be careful of what you download or face the consequences.

Watch the brasher doubloon full movie in hd visit mrs. The anonymous current owner of the brasher doubloon is described by pcgs as a west coast collector, and the owner of the new york copper coins is described as a new york dealer and collector. The prominent german actor, who languished in california while the nazis. Be sure to download our mobile app to view and participate in our. The mystery of the brasher doubloon mad hedge fund trader. Pronunciation of brasher with 1 audio pronunciation, 3 translations, 5 sentences and more for brasher. It is a significant relic of american numismatics, relating to both the revolutionaryera economy and the practices of the u. Monaco to sell brasher doubloon replicas to promote exhibit.

The film features george montgomery, nancy guild and conrad janis fred macmurray, victor mature, and dana andrews were all mentioned at different times as having been cast as philip marlowe in the film before the studio. John brahm, dorothy bennett, leonard praskins, robert bassler, george montgomery, conrad janis. This electronic record was created from historic documentation that does not necessarily reflect the yale university art gallerys complete or current knowledge about the object. Brasher doubloon commemorative issue 1981, gold stamp. Brasher doubloon definition of brasher doubloon by. Brasher doubloon copy to be sold at ana show posted on july 1, 2014 by nmn reproductions of a brasher doubloon will be struck and sold at the american numismatic associations worlds fair of money where the original will be on display aug. Type what you are looking for in the box bellow, hit search and download it from. The mint cabinetsmithsonian brasher doubloon has not been outside of. Morningstar, who confirms that someone tried to sell him a brasher doubloon.

Brasher doubloon definition is a gold coin of the weight of a doubloon struck in new york city in 1787. The brasher doubloon with the punch on the breast was minted in 1787 by ephraim brasher, a silversmith and goldsmith in new york city, and it. Rare electrotype copy of brasher doubloon featured in stacks. Doubloons were minted in spain, mexico, peru, and nueva granada. The brasher doubloon known in the uk as the high window is a 1947 crime film noir directed by john brahm and based on the novel the high window by raymond chandler. The brasher doubloon from 1947 is a philip marlowe detective story, marlowe here played in an obvious fashion by george montgomery. Featured in lot 493 of our august 2019 ana auction is a desirable electrotype copy of the legendary brasher doubloon and is sure to appeal to collectors of early american rarities. The wellpublicized minting of the puregold 17872014 brasher doubloon novodels at this years ana worlds fair of money in chicago was a stunning success. The brasher doubloon, which was featured in the plot of. The coin has 2 sixpointed stars and in the back it has the word brasher printed at the bottom in small letters.

Historic brasher doubloon and new york coppers in pcgs. It has been acknowledged as the most important and valuable coin in the world by such luminaries as henry chapman and q. Philip marlowe is retained to recover a rare and valuable coin that turns out to be a medium of exchange for blackmail information and the key to the murde. By obvious, i mean hes tough, hes loud, he comes on to the women in this case, woman, portrayed by nancy guild, a gene tierneyella raines type under contract to fox. The genuine brasher doubloon to be exhibited weighs 26. Brasher doubloon copy to be sold at ana show numismatic. George montgomery in a sober moment of the brasher doubloon. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of the brasher doubloon with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at.

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